D-Vision Systems

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Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018


  • Defence Solutions( 7 Articles )

    Future Combat Systems Need Real-Time 3D Solutions

    It is inevitable that future autonomous combat systems will feature 3D vision capabilities. When number of systems (autonomous and manned) need to communicate between each other – the data should be in 3D to exchange the information properly. D-Vision software based technology is capable of transforming any 2D video footage into an accurate 3D model using nothing more but a standard video camera on the move and proprietary software algorithms. This low cost technology enables data acquisition that can be used for learning about the environment without relying on external references, mimicking the natural world concept of vision-based observation. The collected data would allow a machine to perceive reality as it is without any prior knowledge. The problem is solved by using 3D computerized vision and perception algorithms, a trivial thing for humans and a great new ability for machines.

  • Civil Solutions( 5 Articles )

    D-Vision technology enhances various civil engineering applications by reconstructing the depth information of objects, which was lost during the filming process. This data can then be analyzed for better planning and integrated into the decision-making process, helping you increase project efficiency and save time and money.