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Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018

Construction Video-Monitoring


Better Tools for Better Construction Monitoring & Control

D-Vision technology could be adopted to improve monitoring and control of construction site work advancement. The D-Vision solution will determine how close the construction is to the pre-designed CAD model.

The solution will be implemented in the data collection phase. Accurate 3D models and measurements will be derived from a regular 2D video footage. This input will allow to accurately monitor the status of the project, using nothing but video footage of the area. The video-based 3D model can then be compared with the original CAD design of the building to identify deviations from the design in terms of time and structure.

How does it work?

  • Film your construction site
  • Generate a 3D model from the video
  • Compare construction to original CAD model
  • Track weekly work advancements by comparing models from week to week