Our solutions include the technology to provide navigation information in GPS denied areas, object detection and classification and extract accurate 3D models.

  • The navigation system is integrating camera-based image processing algorithms with raw inertial sensor data to produce highly accurate positioning information.

  • 3D modeling at 1 mm accuracy is calculated using stereoscopy techniques with the single camera images and inertial sensor data.

  • The image-based detection and classification algorithms are using deep learning computer vision algorithms to identify objects that the software has been trained to detect from images.


Combined together, these capabilities provide unmanned systems a comprehensive set of tools to operate autonomously. That includes, for example:

  • Maneuvering capabilities and collision avoidance for drones and ground vehicles in unfamiliar and GPS-denied areas.

  • Navigation in storage facilities and logistics centers with a camera only (no Lidar)

  • Report location of objects and their exact 3D coordinates for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and other industrial environments

  • Infrastructure inspection systems


We provide cutting-edge technology solutions including infrastructure condition analysis,
camera-based navigation systems and precision farming crop monitoring services

Vias is an agile solution for pavement management services, including pavement data collection and pavement data processing. The solution is using AI and image processing to extract pavement distresses data. Vias' Online viewer is used to monitor project progress and review analysis results.

Infrastructure condition analysis services
 I  NS
RT Camera-based navigation solutions

Integrates computer-vision Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) from a single camera with inertial sensor data to compute navigation information (position + orientation) and 3D mapping. The system is not using GNSS data and works in indoor, outdoor and GPS denied areas.

Precision farming & crop monitoring services

Our Ag-tech solution integrates the I2NS navigation and the detection capabilities. High-resolution images that are captured from a low flying drone mounted with the I2NS autonomously are used by D-Vision's detection algorithms to detect specific types of weeds and insects in crops.



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