The light and free version of BuildApp. Sharing photos is old fashioned… Sharing photos in 3D is much more fun!! The most user friendly 3D interior App ever made that fits everyone for any use


What’s BuildApp?! 

A new concept for easy 3D interior modeling that fits everyone! Every 13-year-old teenager or 50-year-old professional architect can easily recreate the interior of their house, or design the new one they desire. Build 3D interior models anywhere, and within seconds!!


Who can use it?

  1. Teenagers

  2. Home designers

  3. Interior designers

  4. Architects

  5. Contractors

  6. Handymen

There are only 2 Steps:

1- Draw walls
2- Personalize your model- Take photos, change wall colors and more…

Once you finish those steps, you instantly get a 3D model of your creation which you can view, modify, and make as cool as you can.

Share your cool new room with friends - take and add real photos or cool textures from the gallery. Use your camera to take photos of the walls capturing everything on them. Just sketch the walls with your finger, take some pictures with the device’s camera and that’s it!!

Use the 3D painting tool to write cool and funny graffiti on the walls

Share 3D galleries

Do you like taking photos?
Do you paint and want your friends or clients to see your artistic talent?

Now your friends can walk inside your gallery and experience your photos and art in a more realistic way and from a different point of view (actually- all points of view :) Design any 3D gallery or even a maze and add any pictures and photos you wish on the walls.
Put photos from Friday night’s party or your trip to the countryside and send it your friends and family Place photos from your romantic vacation with your love and send it to her/him as a surprise
After sharing, your friends can also add rooms and photos of their own and send it back to you.


Become a Pro without spending money and time



Design your own room or apartment.
Sketch you vision and see it come to life in 3D. Move walls, expand the living room, add more rooms, change the walls colors, put different wallpapers, change the tiles in the bathroom, and more
Send your model to your friends or architect to get their opinion


Apartment viewer

Are you looking to get a new apartment or office, and need second opinions on your options? Want to share it with your roommate or boss that didn’t have the time to come and see it with you?
Just sketch it, take a few photos, and share the model.
Now they don’t even have to spend time by going to the asset.

Does your architect or interior designer have this app or the improved version, BuildApp?- Get 3D models from them which they have made, before or while they rebuild your flat.

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