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See your project- in 3D

The 1st full 3D home design tool for Android among the 500,000 apps!!

Ranked by the guardian as one of the top 50 android phone apps


BuildApp is a very easy and intuitive 3D house modeling tool for designing, visualizing and managing apartments and galleries in 3D. Make your home remodeling and vending project better visualized for your clients, workers and you

  • Sketch and model apartment/house with realistic images, in minutes

  • Calculate apartment/house area automatically

  • Show apartment/house measurements

  • Create floor plan easily

  • Insert furniture to your home model easily and design your home

  • View realistic properties in 3D

  • Provide a basis for Bill of Materials

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These are the main features:

  1. House details

  2. Insert accurate lengths

  3. Use camera to capture images

  4. Use photos from device gallery

  5. Texture galleries

    • Tiles

    • Walls

    • windows

    • Carpets

    • Wall papers

    • Wall pictures

    • 2D furniture sketches

  6. Brush for drawing and writing on surfaces

  7. Image design

    • Rotate

    • Tile

    • Blur

    • Stretch

    • Image layers

  8. Share

    • complete model

    • screenshots

  9. Units: Metric system, Imperial system

  10. 3D objects

    • Chairs

    • Beds

    • Tables

    • Others


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Some important Tips for beginners !

BuildApp has 3 main screens:

1- Plan

2- Walkthrough

3- Outer View

Every time you enter a screen, a short TIP window will open- read it! it briefly explains your options

What’s inside the app

Who can use the app


Draw house plans

  1. Enter accurate measurements for the walls or use free hand

  2. Define wall’s properties (height, thickness, type)

  3. Locate doors accurately

3D outer view

  • Take a perspective POV of the house

  • Take screenshots from any angle and share

  • Rearrange the 3D furniture- move/rotate

3D Walkthrough

  • Take a tour in the house

  • Take screenshots from any angle and share

  • Rearrange the 3D furniture- move/rotate

Wall Design (double tap a wall)

  • Use your camera to capture the house walls and instantly add them to your model

  • Use our built-in texture gallery

  • Choose different windows

  • Use your camera to make your self a private gallery of tiles, carpets, windows etc.

  • Use any photos from your device's gallery

  • Use the brush tool to draw and paint

Inspect the house details at any time:

  1. Total amount of walls

  2. Amount of dry walls

  3. Total area of exterior walls

  4. Total area of interior walls

  5. Area of dry walls

  6. Total area of floor

  7. Amount of doors and their type

  8. (soon) room volume and areas

Anyone who thinks of home remodeling:

  1. Contractors

    • onstruction & Remodeling

    • Ceramic & tile

    • Dry wall

    • Painting & Papering

    • Flooring

  2. Construction managers

  3. First-Line supervisors of housekeeping

  4. Designers

    • Architects

    • Interior designers

    • Set & Exhibit

  5. Everyone else

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