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Software & Algorithms Developer

D-Vision Systems is an international innovation provider of computer vision solutions, for civil and defense applications.

D-Vision software-based technologies and visualization tools are used in multiple fields and are implemented in solutions for transportation, agriculture, robotics, drones and more. Our solutions include (among others), transforming 2D videos into an accurate 3D model, extracting camera movements, combining multiple sources of information to get a full image on location and area conditions, and creating video-based tracking.

D-Vision provides a challenging work environment of an interdisciplinary team, that requires creativity and collaboration to bring innovation to the market.

About the position:

We are seeking an Algorithms Developer to join us at our offices in Ramat Gan. This position calls for both software engineering skills, and expertise in implementing mathematical methods and algorithms. In this role, you will develop cutting-edge technologies and tools for object detection and classification, navigation and 3D modelling in transportation, and automated agriculture technology solutions. You will be required to work independently, developing the right algorithm and software and testing your results.

Your position will include development, implementation and testing of your algorithms in image processing and computer vision. You will report directly to the VP R&D.


Develop algorithms for object detection and classification

Combine video & sensors information to infer location and improve automatic navigation

Develop the solution End-to-End, including planning, software development and testing

Analyze your software results using field data to improve the algorithms statistically.

Work independently to improve your code until reaching satisfying results

Minimum qualifications:

B.Sc. in Mathematics, Physics, Computer science, Engineering or related fields.

Experience in Algorithms development in related fields

Proven experience in developing with C++, SQL, .Net

Good understanding of computer architecture, compilers, and software optimization.

Highly skilled in working with Matlab

Proficient in English

Preferred qualifications:

MA in a related field

Experience in developing with C / C# / PYTHON

Experience in 3d reconstruction or computer vision.

Understanding and experience with multiple OS's (Windows and Linux are preferred).

Proficient in working with ARM architecture and/or GPU

Experience with Graphics APIs and GPGPU (e.g., OpenCL, CUDA), as well as experience in embedded real-time programming.

Please send your CV to and mention “Algorithms Developer” on your subject.

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