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Project Manager - Relocation to California

D-Vision Systems is an international innovation provider of computer vision solutions, for civil and defense applications.

D-Vision software-based technologies and visualization tools are used in multiple fields and are implemented in solutions for transportation, agriculture, robotics, drones and more. Our solutions include (among others), transforming 2D videos into an accurate 3D model, extracting camera movements, combining multiple sources of information to get a full image on location and area conditions, and creating video-based tracking.

D-Vision provides a challenging work environment of an interdisciplinary team, that requires creativity and collaboration to bring innovation to the market.

About the position:

We are seeking a project manager with experience in Operations, to manage a large-scale civil project in California. This position calls for both technical background in electro-mechanics and a strong ability to understand complex systems & processes, with experience implementing work plans and managing the day-to-day work of a team. In this role, you will manage a professional team on the ground, who are scanning roads in various areas in California. You will be required to make sure the project is running and operating, fix problems that may arise from time to time, and report to the Israeli Site on progress and issues.

Your position will require to relocate to California and travel according to the project needs. You should be able to work independently, have management skills and operational abilities.


Manage the Day-to-Day work of the project team in California

Report daily / weekly to the Israeli management on the project progress

Solve operational and technical problems on the ground, an electro-mechanical background is required

Constantly improve processes and work procedures, find ways to improve the working efficiency.

Work independently in front of different project stakeholders, supervising the project operations

Minimum qualifications:

BSc in Industrial Engineering / Civil Engineering / Practical Engineering / Similar.

Proven experience in working independently while managing complex operations

Extensive Experience in Managing a non-professional team, building work plans and schedules

Proven technical background, a good understanding of technical machinery & software architecture

Ability to obligate for a long-term relocation to California - A must!

High Proficiency in English

Preferred qualifications:

Experience Data collection / surveys

American Citizenship / Green Card - Big advantage!

Please send your CV to and mention “CA Project manager” on your subject.

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